Affordable Ownership
Enjoy yacht living without the hefty price tag through co-ownership.
Luxury Living
Experience opulent yacht living with shared ownership and lavish amenities.
Exclusive Access
Gain privileged entry to meticulously maintained yacht apartments worldwide.
Flexibility & Convenience
Seamlessly reserve and utilize your yacht apartment for ultimate flexibility.
Managed Co-Ownership
Revolutionizing luxury living with shared ownership managed by expert professionals.
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By co-owning yacht apartments with fellow enthusiasts, you can enjoy the benefits of luxury living without breaking the bank.

Managed Co-Ownership

Under this model, a group of individuals collectively invests in a yacht apartment within our fleet. Each shareholder holds a percentage of ownership

Investment Potential

Co-ownership presents an attractive investment opportunity. As the popularity of luxury yachting continues to rise

About WYND Apartments:

Redefining Luxury Living

WYND Apartments brings together a community of discerning individuals who share a passion for luxurious living and ocean exploration. With over 500+ dedicated employees, our unique model allows a group of owners to collectively invest in yacht apartments and enjoy the benefits of ownership without the burdens of sole responsibility. From spacious living quarters to top-notch amenities, WYND Apartments is committed to delivering unparalleled experiences to our valued shareholders.

Why Choose Co-Ownership with WYND Apartments?

Affordable Luxury

Experience the joys of yacht apartment ownership without the hefty price tag. Co-ownership with WYND Apartments allows you to split expenses with fellow owners, making luxury living.

Exclusive Access

As a shareholder of WYND Apartments, you gain access to a fleet of meticulously maintained yacht apartments, each equipped with lavish amenities and upscale accommodations.

Flexibility and Convenience

With co-ownership, you have the freedom to use your yacht apartment whenever you desire, whether it's for a weekend getaway or an extended voyage.

Vacation Benefits

Gain access to exclusive vacation opportunities at select destinations around the world, curated specifically for WYND Apartments shareholders.

How Does WYND Work?

At WYND Apartments, we revolutionize luxury living with Managed Co-Ownership. Dive into a world where you and fellow investors share the ownership of stunning yacht apartments. Our expert team handles all the details, from maintenance to itinerary planning, so you can relax and enjoy seamless luxury experiences. With flexible reservations, cost-sharing, and exclusive perks, owning your piece of paradise has never been easier. Welcome aboard the ultimate lifestyle upgrade.