Wynd Yachts

Experience unparalleled luxury and craftsmanship with WYND Yachting's premier yacht construction and charter services.

Wynd Kite Journey

Embark on high-class kitesurfing adventures aboard superyachts, curated to elevate your experience with WYND Kite Journeys.

Wynd Yacht Apartment

Join a community of discerning individuals with WYND Yacht Apartments, offering shared ownership and luxurious living aboard exquisite yachts.

Wynd Heliskiing

Discover pristine backcountry skiing in Northern BC's Skeena Range with WYND Hel-Skiing, ensuring an unparalleled, boutique heli-skiing experience.

Wynd Heli-Skiing

Escape the crowds and embrace the thrill with Northern Escape. Our Agusta Koala helicopters offer Ferrari-like performance, ensuring safety and unmatched vertical. Opt for our Elite Package for the ultimate small-group heli skiing experience with just two groups per helicopter.

WYND Yachting

Our mission at WYND is to curate exceptional and personalized yacht charter experiences, setting the standard for luxury, service, and innovation in the industry.

Redefine luxury yachting by providing unparalleled experiences that exceed expectations.

WYND Kite Journeys

Experience kiteboarding like never before in the Red Sea. Explore new spots daily, accessible by boat, with expert instructors to help all skill levels enjoy this wonderful sport.

Enjoy a luxurious boat experience with delicious meals, fresh drinks, and accommodation. No filter needed for your picture-perfect moments.

WYND Yacht Apartments

Experience unparalleled luxury aboard this exquisite oceanic retreat. With three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a fully equipped kitchen, this yacht apartment offers ample space and comfort for your seafaring adventures. Relax and unwind on the outdoor terrace while soaking in breathtaking ocean views. State-of-the-art amenities including a Jacuzzi, gym, and entertainment system ensure an unforgettable experience. Professional management ensures hassle-free maintenance and servicing, allowing you to enjoy the ultimate in luxury living on the open sea.

Experience the WYND

Where Luxury Meets Adventure

Embark on a journey unlike any other with WYND Group's exceptional offerings, spanning from luxurious yachting experiences to thrilling kite journeys, opulent oceanfront living, and elite heliskiing adventures. Discover a world where every moment is infused with elegance, excitement, and unparalleled luxury. Whether you're setting sail on a pristine yacht, soaring through the skies on a kitesurfing escapade, indulging in oceanfront living aboard luxurious yacht apartments, or carving through untouched powder in Northern BC's Skeena Range, WYND Group promises to redefine your concept of adventure. Join us and experience the WYND, where every experience is crafted to elevate and inspire.

CEO & Founder

Dennis Monner

Dennis Monner is a founder of several IT companies with 25+ years of global sales leadership experience. He Scaled multiple companies as CEO, CRO, CCO from ARR $100-250M, $90-150M, $0-10M, $0-30M. He was CEO and founder of two - Gartner Magic Quadrant listed - TECH Company with successfully EXITs. His last Company he sold to a Silicon Valley cyber tech company in 2021.

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